Most of Quinnchip’s raw material is timber off-cuts from the sawmilling production processes of its sister company Quinn Building Supplies Ltd.  This material is kiln dried graded timber for structural use and fabrication of timber roof trusses.  As such it has a guaranteed low initial moisture content allowing for quick processing into wood chip.  

Surplus ‘virgin green wood’ is also sourced from the local suppliers to meet the demands of specialised wood chip boilers which can utilise higher moisture content fuel.
Automatic wood-fuelled boilers are usually installed with dedicated fuel stores to ensure they can operate over long periods without manual handling or maintenance.  It is therefore essential that the wood chip supplied complies with individual boiler specifications for moisture content, ash content, particle size and free from contaminants such as soil, paints, and resins.  The Quinnchip production process is carefully managed and maintained to ensure a consistently high quality wood chip product for its customers.
We operate a Weima 600 Leopard wood-chipper, capable of producing over 2 tonnes of wood chip per hour.  Our typical wood chip product is W20 moisture and G30 or G50 particle size as per the ONORM M 7133 standards.