Woodchip explained

Quinnchip wood chip is a sustainable and renewable fuel alternative for heating and power generation. Wood chip is suitable for most types of biomass boilers and fuel quality is very important for efficient boiler operation and generation of heat. 

Moisture content is the most critical quality issue for wood chip fuel and should be less than 30%.  Ash content is also important and should be less than 1%.  The moisture content of wood chip from different waste streams can be very variable, ranging from 25% to 60%.

Quinnchip wood chip is all produced from kiln dried waste off-cutsQuinnchip Moisture Content and therefore has naturally low moisture (<20%) and low ash (<0.5%) contents.  Quinnchip screens and grades its wood chip to produce a premium product to the customer’s specifications to suit the boiler and fuel feeding mechanism.

The table above provides a guide to the cost of heat delivered in pence/kWh based on the wood chip price per tonne at different moisture contents.  Quinnchip aims to deliver wood chip at less than 20% moisture content which increases the energy content per cubic metre (m3) of fuel and reduces the cost per kilowatt hour of energy delivered.